What caused Beirut's devastating explosion? – 아시아 네트워크 미디어

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Ashish Joshi looks at what was behind the explosion and why ammonium nitrate was being stored near Beirut’s busiest neighbourhoods.

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43 thoughts on “What caused Beirut's devastating explosion? – 아시아 네트워크 미디어

  1. Bureaucracy caused this devastation coming from Local courts not acting on time and from negligence on safety standards for storing chemicals like ammonium nitrade

  2. Who is to blame? Guy transporting ginormous ammount of chemo in a vessel not up to it or eager beaver who detained, impounded&stored it!?

  3. As the guy said under sealed conditions it would not ignite.
    Someone opened it and set of a charge. Don't at all believe bullshit that welding and fireworks set off this. All organised.
    Pray for Lebanon 🇱🇧

  4. Its a place where its corrupt from top to bottom ,they probably sold off all the grain in the warehouses and heard there was going to be an investigation and decided they needed a diversion ,its how the country works ,no one as yet has asked why the building behind the warehouse was ablaze well prior to the explosion and or why the fire was not put out ,it was probably because the fire engine was stolen with all of the equipment .
    Now there is nothing left the ordinary people will leave for France and get some peace !

  5. Why innocent people have to suffer for industrial plants .
    Why the whole world is suffering bcz of China. No one wants violence. Everyone is living the normal healthy life and plagues ands catastrophies comes out of nowhere boom and your life is devastated for no reason 😭😭

  6. Ahhhhh so that's why EU rejested fireworks from outside of EU… lucky people in EU, which care about every single life, humans, cats,dogs, ants, spoders, mosquitos, even plants…. apart cannabis

  7. Why is Beirut have so much Ammonium Nitrate (fertilizers chemical/bomb making chemical) near the city center? Beirut is an industrial city and not a major agriculture city. Something doesn’t make sense. I’m perplexed

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