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My favorite video to date! We visited Mt Hope Cemetery and got AMAZING EVPs from Susan B Anthony!

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18 thoughts on “WE TALKED TO SUSAN B ANTHONY!!! | Trending – Asian Network Media

  1. folks, the road you were walking on
    was the original indian path. It was the
    safest route to Lake Ontario. The
    indians chose it in order to avoid
    the Men Bears(bi-pedal furry humanoids)
    .. What we would call
    Big Foot. Biblically, Satyr. Viking
    mythology, trolls. Over the decades,
    orbs have been seen in that area.
    Many homeless avoid sleeping in that
    cemetary, it is a different place at
    night. It is spiritually active at certain
    times & seasons. All of it bad. Be weary of
    communicating with what ever they
    are, or you might end up bringing
    a transparent visitor/s home with
    you. Many who party there
    and kick over grave stones would a
    few years later commit suicide.
    Bad mojo is there.

  2. And u would think Susan B. Anthony would've had a bigger headstone! It was sad to see those decaying headstones too. Luv the spirit box session. U asked the right questions too. Alexis, u and Sara did a "GREAT" job on this video. Luv hearing Sara get so excited over the EVP's! I ( Eddie ) gotta help get more people to see this. And by the way, I know a way to help grow ur channel! When u get a chance, DM me on Twitter!

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