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TXT & BTS Universes Connect Even More [THEORY]

Hello everyone. Im back with another txt and bts theory video. With TXT’s Run Away MV and comeback, I’ve made even more connections between their universe and BTS’s universe. There are just so many images that connect in many ways.

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘9와 4분의 3 승강장에서 너를 기다려 (Run Away)’ Official MV THEORY EXPLAINED

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50 thoughts on “TXT & BTS UNIVERSES CONNECT EVEN MORE! [THEORY] | BTS Video – The Asian Network Media

  1. The thoughts are this is to damn much and now we have to go back in bts time and connect it with txt also wondering why would bighit do this to us?? The first time around was very stressful

  2. What if, just what if, the notes that were supposedly Jin's, weren;t actually his. The notes were written by Soobin, and Jin is the said dad. And what happens in the TxT Run Away music video is just Soobin having hallucinations or some sort of flashback to what Jin has done. Since the BTS universe is complete yet, this may be a hint to the conclusion of it. Jin will give up. We see in the webtoon that every time Jin restarts, he looks exhausted, tired, and just wants to escape. The webtoon ended on a cliff hanger, where the voice told Jin that he cannot do it on his own. He leaves no response, sitting on his bed staring at the floor, as if remembering the things he has done, and how he got nothing out of them, and we see the end card. Idk just had this idea and wanted to share. Ik it's stupid but oh well. What do ya'll think?

    I honestly don't doubt this though, bighit would absolutely do something this elaborate. Just to connect the 2 groups. I'm sure other companies have stories to their songs but not like Bighit's K-pop groups. BTS and TXT both have stories that connect and I think it's absolutely amazing and well thought out. Makes you feel kinda happy that they have such a strong connection. Like best friends have. (Anyway sorry for the ramble XD) Just wanted to say that I strongly agree with this theory

  4. Actually, I don't want those two universes to connect because I want TXT to earn their fame and popularity on their own, just like BTS. I know they can do it because they are talented. And also because I'm fed up of people saying that TXT isn't talented and that they are famous only because of BTS and all that nonsense. I want TXT to prove them wrong, to create a legacy of their own. And maybe later on, they can do a connection. But still, it's really cute to see their universes collide, because BTS and TXT are so much like actual brothers and its so adorable, just like a family. I still enjoy watching your videos, Josh!

  5. So I’m pretty sure it Ain’ true BUT , it’s a theory 😌👌, so like it said “ he left behind the members aka his friends “ and we know that Suga and Jin died that’s why it showed them in clouds in a video but Suga seemed disappointed bc Jin saved him , so with that said , bts has 7 members , TXT has 5 so Suga and Jin are two … 7-2 equal 5 what If txt is the future for them but without Jin or Suga (SO they went back there time and left behind Suga and Jin since they Died , so they wan to start over bc it didn’t work out the first time ) Ik it don’t make sence buT ISSA THEORY 😔✌️😌🤣🤣 If u read this thx 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  6. Ok… if TXT is Jin's dad…. hmmm… *Thinking*… that means Kooki is still the youngest??😂😂… Oh my goodness.!!!😂😂 I think BIGHIT want Kooki to stay, as a baby maknae always!! 😂😂😂

  7. Hey….just want to say something. Sometimes, I repeat playing their MV (TXT Run Away) and I also notice their moves in thr pool…..the move that the same from "BTS Save Me"….did that connect??

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