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As the Left shifts the Overton window, cancel culture becomes more and more demanding; coronavirus continues to rage across the country as Trump finally dons a mask; and crime surges while AOC blames capitalism.

0:26 – Joe Biden won’t moderate if he’s elected
24:32 – Cancel culture warriors write their own letter
36:44 – Today’s cancel culture incidents
41:09 – COVID-19 cases continue to increase
50:00 – Crime skyrockets around the country

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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (Korean: 사이코지만 괜찮아; RR: Saikojiman gwaenchana; lit. Psycho But It’s Okay) is a 2020 South Korean romantic television series starring Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji. The series tells an unusual romance story between two people who end up healing each other’s emotional and psychological wounds. It airs on tvN every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 (KST) time slot and will be available to stream worldwide on Netflix starting from June 20, 2020.
The drama tells the story of Moon Kang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun), a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who doesn’t have time for love, and Ko Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji), a successful children’s book author who suffers from antisocial personality disorder and has never known love. After meeting one another, the two slowly begin to heal each other’s emotional wounds.


  • Kim Soo-hyun as Moon Kang-tae
  • Moon Woo-jin as young Moon Kang-tae
    An orphaned caretaker working at a psychiatric ward who was blessed with everything including a great body, brain, the ability to empathize with others, patience, the ability to react quickly, and stamina. However, he does not believe in love.
    • Seo Ye-ji as Ko Moon-young
    A popular children’s book author who suffers from antisocial personality disorder and knows nothing about love.
    • Oh Jung-se as Moon Sang-tae
    Kang-tae’s autistic older brother. He is a fan of Author Ko Moon Young.
    • Park Kyu-young as Nam Joo-ri
    A nurse, Moon Kang-tae’s co-worker.


    • Kim Joo-hun as Lee Sang-in
    A 38-year-old CEO of a publishing company. He started his career as an editor of a fairy tale story written by Moon-young.
    • Kim Chang-wan as Oh Ji-wang
    The president of the mental ward.
    • Kim Mi-kyung as Kang Soon-deok
    Chef at the mental ward, Joo-ri’s mother.
    • Lee Eol as Go Dae-hwan
    Moon-young’s father and a patient at the mental ward who suffers from dementia.
    • Jang Young-nam as Park Haeng-ja
    A strong and meticulous senior nurse.
    • Kang Ki-doong [ko] as Jo Jae-soo
    Kang-tae’s friend. He is self-employed.
    • Jang Gyu-ri as Sun Byul
    A nurse with 3 years of experience, Joo-ri’s best friend.
    • Park Jin-joo as Yoo Seung-jae
    The art director at Sang-in’s company.

    Extended cast

    • Woo Jung-won as Do Hee-jae
    Moon-young’s mother. A best-selling author who has disappeared for years.
    • Seo Joon as Kwon Min-suk
    • Choi Woo-sung as Oh Cha-yong
    • Kim Ki-chun as Gan Pil-ong
    • Jung Jae-kwang as Joo Jung-tae
    • Ji Hye-won as Lee Ah-reum
    • Kang Ji-eun as Park Ok-ran
    • Joo In-young as Yoo Sun-hae
    Park Kyu-young and Kang Ki-doong previously starred together in Romance Is a Bonus Book (2019)
    Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Chang-wan were also in My Love from the Star (2014), as main and supporting roles respectively.
    Park Jin-joo and Kim Mi-kyung were also reunited from Her Private Life (2019) as supporting roles.

    45 thoughts on “The Closing Of The American Mind | Ep. 1050 | Asian NetWorking Media

    1. As a very white, obviously racist, uncultured swine, I love Goya pinto beans. Latino food in general is just really good. I guess that's my bigoted cultural appropriation, and I should stick to rotting potatoes, right?

    2. AOC dialogue is priceless especially after the tweet she deleted saying we need to stay closed to prevent economic recovery because it will help Trump get re-elected

    3. I will say
      rent and living is too fucking much
      not everything is completely outlandish, but they need some direction. if we used that tax money thats stolen from us we could house everyone for free

    4. I don't think the American political complex is not working. It is too controlled by large vested corporate interests. The two party system in both the House and Senate is not working.

    5. Mr. Shapiro, I wanted to know if you could comment on a subject for me? There is an app which makes available information on people who have had the coronavirus and also shows their location. I’m not to bright on the subject of medical disclosure, but isn’t releasing a person’s medical information to the public illegal?

    6. Can I just say that getting tested for COVID in California has been surprisingly hard.. they make it sound so easy to get tested but that seems to be false.

    7. How do they propose to enforce the cancellation of rent? I own the property I rent to my tenants, if I can't collect payment and the city still wants property tax, I'm kicking them out of the house and turning it into my extended storage unit. I didn't buy property to be a charity, Sorry, I bought it so I'd have retirement opportunities when I'm too old to work. The entire US landscape will turn into the Bronx from the late 70s/ early 80s. No landlord is going to take care of the property, I'd set it on fire to collect the fire insurance….. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

    8. I’m 24 & I’ve considered myself a pretty hardcore liberal for my entire adult life but Ben Shapiro is one of the conservatives that I love to listen to because of his intelligent and fair analysis of the flaws of the far left and moderate liberal ideology nowadays. Thanks Mr. Shapiro for keeping us sane liberals in check and calling out flaws where you see them! Looking forward to hopefully hearing you with Rogan, the Weinstein brothers, and Jordan Peterson hopefully soon!

    9. Ben, the day the Supreme Court ruled The Eastern Half of Oklahoma belongs to the Creek Nation you mentioned two other Supreme Court rulings while leaving out any comments on the Oklahoma decision. As an Oklahoman, I’d value your thoughts concerning the far reaching implications and potential national precedence of this ruling.

    10. Some of it is just a good old commie plot by Eric Mann, Patrisse Cullors and their Organization.

      It is partly inspired by Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution and his little red book:
      "… he great grabbed a book and he said it's like Mao's red book and I

      was like man that's what I was thinking and it was just really cool to hear him

      make that connection I was like how about you buy like 10 to 15 of these books

      and you all have like a youth like organizing group where you talk about it

      and you really try to engage this and we can just kind of we need to build off

      of this"
      — Patrice Cullors (06:27)

      I recommend watching everything.

    11. Allan Bloom, college professor, wrote a book with your title in 1987. He saw this coming. "How higher education has failed democracy and impoverished souls of today's students" was the subtitle. I read that book then and just reread parts lately. Genius. Funny, I think I heard of him through listening to Dennis Prager 30 years ago!

    12. I never realized just how stupid some on the left are – they are literally allowing themselves to be useful idiots for those who have a vested interest in controlling the populous through censorship. It's terrifying – I feel like I am living in "Brave New World"!

    13. Hate that bakery/gay marriage argument. It's discrimination! The same bakery owner can say "it's my business, I refuse to serve blacks." Where do we go from there ? You're pro freedom of speech for the shop owner, but what about the customer's freedom?

    14. Trump is stopping the payoffs to the deep state players that’s why he is more than unpopular. It doesn’t matter what his policies are, if they don’t beat him, their cash cow and jail sentences are forthcoming!

    15. I think that boycotting an overtly political company is a fine thing to do. Why give them money that they will spend against you on elections? I have quite the list of companies I no longer give patronage to… If these companies want my money, then GTFO of politics…

    16. I do not support any of the garbage going on. Leftism = I have to give my hard earned money to someone that doesn't want to work. It has to come from somewhere. They defund the police, too bad when they don't show up.

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