45 thoughts on “Superjunior StrayKids reaction GOT7 Hard Carry @ AAA 2019 – 아시아 네트워크 미디어 #SUPERJUNIOR

  1. 0:20 I realize how professional a 15-year idol group is when Shindong finds out that the sound system doesnot work properly when GOT7 Jashon(?) sings right from the start, then he and KyuHyun notice the other members about this and recommend them how to sing with the mic in order to release better sound.

  2. Shindong is such a good sunbae:") he really focused on the entire performance and even complimented them afterwards. He kept pointing out certain stuff to the other suju members too

  3. Hyunjin is me inside my bedroom or with my friends fangirling over GOT7 and SUPER JUNIOR ( my friends is an elf ) . While Yesung and Ryeowook is me when im watching any music awards and GOT7 is performing 🤷🏻‍♀️🐥💚

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