20 thoughts on “Super Junior MV Evolution (2005-2020) – 아시아 네트워크 미디어 #SUPERJUNIOR

  1. Thank you for the effort of putting this together! However, some corrections need to be made:
    0:34 This is "Happiness" not "U"
    0:42 This is "U" not "Dancing Out"
    0:48 This is "Dancing Out" not "Happiness"
    1:14 This is more popularly called "The One I Love"
    2:28 "Victory Korea" is a Super Junior-H song
    2:55 "Perfection" is a Super Junior-M song
    3:53 This is "Breakdown" by Super Junior-M
    5:47 "One More Chance" is a Super Junior song
    That's everything! Thanks again!

  2. Oh how they grew up. I would've never believed Super Junior would grow and get soo damn good if you showed me their earlier works. That's really not my taste today but might have been in 2000s I feel like after sorry sorry, they just went up and up

  3. i dont know bout u guys, but i always thinking that they always BOOMING in year that has 9 in it. 2009 and 2019..
    and i've been their fans since 2005 till now.. hope they will make a big concert with full team like old days.. ^_^

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