23 thoughts on “SUPER JUNIOR (슈퍼주니어) – SUPER Clap + MIRACLE [2019 BOF 191020] – 아시아 네트워크 미디어 #SUPERJUNIOR

  1. Miracle once more . Please do come true, perform again with hangeng, kibum, sungmin and Kangin 🙏 Badly want it 😭 including Zhoumi and Henry 💙

    It makes me shed tears . Missing the whole bunch of crazy/funny SuJu that I Stan 💙💙💙

  2. I watched all the performances of BOF that day .. And honestly only Super Junior was the one to wake that sleepy crowd up x) they are like magic .. so amazing performance they are truly the legends of K-pop .. such professionals no wonder they are so famous

  3. 현재는 타덕이지만 내 덕질의 시작이였던 슈퍼주니어….
    내가 저기서 미라클을 들을 줄은 몰랐었지….
    아마 현장에서 울었던 사람은 나뿐일듯…
    슈퍼주니어는 영원히 13명이라면서 시위나갔던 기억도 나고,
    교통사고 뉴스 실시간으로 보다가 놀라서 쓰러져서 응급실 갔던 기억도 나고…
    그렇지만 그래도 행복했던 덕질이였는데 그때가 기억나서 울었는데…

  4. kpop music style has become lot more "sophisticated" and I'm all for it, I'm enjoying the change from the 2nd gen pop hook songs to the current modern kpop music and I think everyone has their own charms. That being said, for this kind of festivals, classics like Suju's miracle really suitable bcs it's not complex and I think Suju is extremely good at hyping crowds and singing live so I imagine the crowds must have been energized

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