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“Hey Douche bag.” I said while walking past the lockers.
“Well if it isn’t Miss Lovato.”I smiled.
“I haven’t seen you around school lately.”
“Yea well I haven’t really been in the mood.”
“Not in the mood to see me bad boy.” He smiled and moved closer to me.
“Now I didn’t say that.” He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his solid chest.
“Mr. Jonas please remove your hands from my student. I don’t want her to get an STD.” Mr. Gray came smiling up to us. I smiled at him.
“Oh Mr. Gray.” I giggled.
“Joe I haven’t seen you in class lately. I don’t want you failing it again.” Joe nodded his head absent mindedly. Mr. Gray half smiled and walked away from us. I looked at Joe with sorrowful eyes.
“Joe why don’t you try in school? It’s senior year, don’t you want to graduate with everyone else?”
“Listen Demi I do try, im just not a smart goody, goody like you.” I backed away from him.
“Then why are you dating a smart goody, goody like me Joe?” he sighed.
“Dem, I didn’t mean it like that it’s just school is hard for me.” I nodded.
“I know but I just want you to have a good life, I don’t want you to end up like your dad.” He didn’t say anything. He just stood there looking down at his shoes.
“I have to go, I’m already late for class.” Joe simply nodded and I headed off. I stepped into class and handed my pass to the teacher, I took my seat when Crystal (reed) leaned over and said, “Hey, where were you?” I looked at her.
“Oh, um nowhere.” Ok so you might be a little confused here, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m Demi Lovato junior in high school homecoming queen, cheer captain, president of NHS, and president of the junior class. Pretty much your typical all American girl. And if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m dating Joe Jonas. Joe is the bad boy at school. He is a Senior, a smoker, a partier, a drinker, and anything else illegal you can think of. You might be thinking why is a girl like you dating a guy like that. Well Joe is an amazing guy. I met him my freshman year. He scared the goodness out of me the first time we met but as the days turned into weeks, I just started to warm up to him. I guess he did the same with me. We have been dating for almost 3 years and no one at school knows. Yepo, that’s right and I know what you’re thinking oh what a bitch you are for not telling people you’re dating Joe because you’re ashamed of him. It wasn’t my idea though. it was his to keep us a secret and it sucks to know that someone is so ashamed of you that he would hide you from the world, but I love him and I can’t let him go.

OK so boring first Eppy I know but it will get better I promise 😉

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