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On tonight’s rundown:
– A new study says 36,000 American lives could have been saved from earlier action—a close look at that and the role of the World Health Organization.
– Confirmed Coronavirus deaths in the USA reach the projected 95,000—but the big story is how the virus was really able to spread in New York City.
– The CDC now says Coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ via contaminated surfaces and released new reopening guidelines.
– President Trump heads to Michigan as barbers protest the lockdown by cutting hair on the Michigan Capitol lawn.
– Senate panel issues subpoena in Hunter Biden probe—and Pelosi blasts the GOP for it, elevating the story.
– Kamala Harris wants to ban phrases like ‘Chinese virus,’ ‘Wuhan virus,’ and ‘Kung Flu’ – this will never pass — and yes, she has a chance to be VP.
– Your humble correspondent had a question on ‘Jeopardy!’ – prayers to legend Alex Trebek who is battling cancer.
– Bill’s Final Thought: celebrities exploiting the pandemic

31 thoughts on “FULL BROADCAST: Important Information for Memorial Day Weekend | Trending News | #AsianNetWalking

  1. New York should have acted earlier !! You had DemocRATS out there telling Americans in New York to visit China Town because there was no problems with COVID-19.

  2. Bill needs to get on Newsmax or OANN although OANN would be tough for any straight man to work at without flirting with those women on that network, good lord. They make the women of Fox News back in the day look like a dog show

  3. Thank you,for the no spin news and the factual information on the pertinent headlines going on.
    I am sure the soldiers and their families are appreciative of you recognizing their service to our country.
    Please have a great memorial weekend.

  4. Warning – Human to Human exposure possible!
    Regardless, China had responsibility to shut their borders instead of letting people get Out but NOT In!

  5. This lady Haris is a fake, she is the queen of identity politics. I wished to let her know racism is real, and is sad and wicket that she always make it political,she is fake.

  6. I miss seeing and hearing you on Fox News every night.  You have a refreshing twist on the news.  Yes, it is hard these days to really know what the truth is and what is propaganda.  At least you try to figure it out.  You are one of the few reporters left with some integrity left for true journalism.  You are one of the few protectors of our first amendment rights and free speach.

  7. Don;t be silly Bill USA many times questioned quality of UN's actions and there is something called UNILATERALISM – a concept many times used in American politics. UNILATERALISM is a concept that USA should act without any consent from UN. And Donald Trump many times promoted this concept. So don't blame WHO now . Donald Trump's main political idea is unilateralism. If he wants to take unilateral actions, he should take responsibility for those actions.

  8. The Left-Wing bogus Columbia University should have said that if Representative Adam Schiff had been doing his real job as Charmian of the House Intelligence Committee instead of the bogus Impeachment then we might have had an earlier warning.

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