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मुंबई से Namaskar 🙏,I am Dr Rupal MBBS(Mumbai) DCH MCGP MGPA(GB), (Hindi) In China New Case of Bubonic Plague aka BLACK DEATH , has been found . #bubonicplague

In this video i will discuss the history of bubonic plague, what are the symptoms of patient suffering from bubonic plague , what are the treatment modalities available and is there any vaccination available. And what are its chances of coming to india, and most important how this bubonic plague spreads and how to prevent it .

(This video is for Public Health Education and Information only)

Below questions are answered in this video

1) What is bubonic plague ?
2) History of bubonic plague
3) bubonic plague is caused by bacteria or virus ?
4) How does one get infected of bubonic plague ?
5) Types of plague ?
6) Name of bacteria that spreads bubonic plague ?
7) Symptoms of bubonic plague ?
8) Which animals cause bubonic plague ?
9) What is the treatment of bubonic plague
10) Mortality rate of bubonic plague as per WHO ?
11) can bubonic plague reach india ?
12) Precaution to avoid bubonic plague infection ?
13) how to prevent bubonic plague infection ?
14) IS there any vaccine available for bubonic plague ?

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There is difference between bacteria and virus , antibiotics are for bacteria , watch this video to know difference between bacteria and virus https://youtu.be/VN2VrAA2-UI also only antiviral medicines or vaccines work against viruses , to know better watch this video https://youtu.be/xgetYaetKtE to better understand why vaccination is required and how immune system works and antigen science.

Black Death: चीन से निकली यह नई महामारी, Bubonic Plague China २०२० : जानिए क्या है ब्यूबोनिक प्लेग , चीन में फैली नई बीमारी ब्यूबोनिक प्लेग, ब्यूबोनिक प्लेग कैसे फैलता है ?

Hi, I am Dr Rupal Rana Arya MBBS(Mumbai) DCH(London) MCGP MGPA(GB) ,practising physician in mumbai for past 15 years.

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