[BREAKING] Shannon "heated" LeBron's Lakers beat Clippers in NBA restart opener 103-101| Undisputed

[BREAKING] Shannon "heated" LeBron's Lakers beat Clippers in NBA restart opener 103-101| Undisputed | Trending – Asian Network Media

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[BREAKING] Shannon “heated” LeBron’s Lakers beat Clippers in NBA restart opener 103-101| Undisputed

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29 thoughts on “[BREAKING] Shannon "heated" LeBron's Lakers beat Clippers in NBA restart opener 103-101| Undisputed | Trending – Asian Network Media

  1. Shannon shut up its lucky when somebody makes a 3 but it’s pure when LeBron does. What is this dude smoking.
    LeBron ain’t been in no conversation when it comes to shooting cause he can’t shoot

  2. Shannon “ mmm MICHEAL JORDAN WOULD OF NEVER DID THAT “ lmao SKIPS argument was pointless lol all he did was compliment how good AD was playing which is what AD suppose to be doing 😂 IF Ands Or But’s it didn’t happen lol

  3. Hilarious people still think bron the goat how you get months of rest and only put up 16 my nigga derozan dropped more than that its ite that lakers got regular season win we all know what lebrons reputation is in the finals cough choke artist cough but oh how lakers fans love these regular games 😂

  4. Anthony Davis is the key to the Lakers championship hopes not LeBron James, I know that's not what LeBron's fans want to hear but it's the fact, the problem is everybody knows in the playoff so what you're going to get from LeBron he's going to average close to 30 points a game, but just like when he was in Cleveland he's going to be playing a team probably the Clippers it will have all five starters in double digits, Paul George had 30 points the other night, Kawhi Leonard had 28 then if you add in Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell who averaged 18 points a game, then the Clippers have the highest scoring bench production this season in the NBA… Anthony Davis is going to have to not only have a monster game in the first three quarters oh, for the Lakers to win he's actually going to have to show up in the fourth quarter which up to this point he has not done against the Clippers, in the fourth quarter they have found a way to shut him down all four games that they play

  5. Don't get me wrong the Lakers have a great team and what I'm about to say might sound like I'm not a fan but I tell you the one thing that scares me. Is it the Lakers can never seem to separate and put the Clippers away when they have the chance, yes they want but it took a monster performance by a d and LeBron playing defense which let's face it he is not done in years and they still were only able to beat the Clippers by two points… what scares me about it it's some people's like well the Lakers are missing players to like Rondo, Avery Bradley, those two players are averaging 7 and 8 points a piece. The clippers for missing their number 3 and number 4 star and Montrezl Harrell and Lou Williams Oh, and those two guys average 18 points apiece. So you're looking at last night's game the Clippers left 37 points off the board. The fact is that if those two guys were playing the Clippers probably would have won by double digits. Another scary fact oh, yes Anthony Davis had a monster game but in all four games this season that the Lakers played the Clippers, in the fourth quarter the Clippers have absolutely shut Anthony Davis down. And that's when the Lakers need him the most… Anthony Davis had a huge game, but again in the fourth quarter he only had two points… the Lakers to beat the Clippers in a seven-game series when the Clippers are 100% they are going to need much more production from their bench than they are getting..

  6. Lakers should be very worried Kawhi and Paul are a commin with some sweet Lou sauce next time. To only beat this current roster by two and almost lost, should have Laker city very worried. Very!

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