Beirut Blast: What is Ammonium Nitrate? – 아시아 네트워크 미디어

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An accident involving the fertilizer likely caused a massive explosion in Beirut. Read more about the science behind the explosion:

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47 thoughts on “Beirut Blast: What is Ammonium Nitrate? – 아시아 네트워크 미디어

  1. I know it's the way the social media platform works, but I find it a little disrespectful that it casually refers to the explosion as '#explosion'. If I was among the souls lost in that blast, I wouldn't want people to say crap like: "Oh those poor ppl" or "so sad 😭😭😭" Why can't we actually take the time to spell out the full words, or instead of just using emoji's, type out how we feel. More and more people nowadays are losing literature skills, and you all wonder why….

  2. If this is just ammonium nitrate then let’s take the same amount, and ignite it the same way out in the desert, and see if we get the same results! I’m calling BS on the mainstream narrative! I hope I’m proven wrong! I believe the nitrate is a front, and someone planted a large bomb there during lockdown! Knowing that we would just blame it all on negligence. Once again I hope I’m proven wrong! Pray for Beirut!

  3. Why don't we check all the storages around the world and see which one is next. It's a preventable problem but no one seems to think about what's next … Just like COVID-19… 200k going to die and yet we are complaining about freedom rights

  4. Okay seriously people are freaking out to much over this explosion and coming up with strange reasons as to why this happened and I gotta ask which is true?
    1. Ammonium nitrate
    2. A bomb
    3. Terrorist

  5. Ammoniun Nitrate was use in Okalhoma bombing in 1995 that killed hundreds and destroy the whole federal building…this is no terrororist attack…it's negiligence….

  6. When people start falling ill from radiation poisoning it will all confirm our original thoughts. I think North Korea and Iran has something to do with it…

  7. put the video at 0.5 speed. The explosion is just incomprehensive. We just use these videos as internet news, are we going to check in on the camera people > ?

  8. For it to be a explosion as big as that in a mushroom cloud. There must have been a bomb. The blast needs to be contained for a mushroom cloud (Going up)

  9. I witnessed the Pepcon explosion in Las Vegas. It had the same rust-colored mushroom cloud. Pepcon was manufacturing the chemical for use in the space shuttle solid rocket boosters I believe. It was also a devastating blast. Fortunately in a less dense area than Beirut.

  10. Ammonium nitrate is very, VERY stable by itself.
    It MUST be mixed with some type of fuel at a high concentration before it will become an explosive. It also takes a high-heat device to initiate any explosion.

    This explosion was NOT FROM AMMONIUM NITRATE.

  11. The Lebanese know it was NOT Ammonium Nitrate . . . The garbage narrative is just business as usual for the complicit western media covering for ISRAEL . . . ISRAEL did this. It's the way they roll.

  12. 186 killed in Oklahoma City bombing when that affected a portion of a building, 100 dead in Beirut when this was a city epicenter. You can't tell me they cleared out that quickly. If it was an attack you wouldn't want your enemy to know how badly they had beaten you, you'd lie and say only 100 dead

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