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Any guest who needs to visit Panama as a visitor should be in control of a substantial travel permit and an ahead or return ticket. Contingent upon the nationality of the guest, he or she may also require an approved visa or a visa stamp or a traveler card or just an identification to enter Panama. Panama is using Spanish language and currency Balboa (B).
An approved visa is a prohibitive vacationer visa that guests need to acquire before they enter Panama. The term of remain conceded for a traveler with an approved visa is dictated by the movement powers.
A visa stamp is another kind of visitor visa that must be gotten by a traveler from the Panamanian Consulate in his or her nation of living arrangement. It allows a guest to enter Panama a few times consistently. The legitimacy of the length of remain for a guest with stamped visa is by and large 30 days for every visit.
A guest who is qualified to visit Panama on a traveler card can apply for a visa stamp. In any case, nationals of a few nations are particularly required to have a visa stamp for entering Panama.
To be qualified for Panama vacationer visa you will need to satisfy the accompanying conditions:
1.      You should have a legitimate travel permit with no less than two unused pages
2.      Your identification must have a legitimacy that broadens the term of the visa you are applying for by no less than 3 months
3.      You should have a duplicate of the finished application shape
4.      You should give a duplicate of your ID or living arrangement card from your nation of origin
5.      You should give a duplicate of your ahead or return ticket to your nation of origin or next goal
6.      You should give confirmation of your budgetary capacity in order to bolster yourself financially amid your stay in Panama and for your arrival transportation. Panama obliges guests to have at any rate USD 500 in real money or its identical as confirmation of budgetary dissolvability
7.      You should give a formal proclamation of your money related circumstance from your bank for the past 6 months, letter of occupation, or voyager's checks
8.      You should not have a criminal record
9.      You plan to leave Panama toward the end of your approved remain
10.  Ventures to take after to apply for Panama Tourist Visa

Before you apply for Panama Tourist visa, check the preparing time required for the visa to be issued. When you know about every one of the insights in regards to the application, you can proceed with the accompanying technique:

·         Step 1: Download the visa application shape. Acquire the visa application frame from the Embassy of Panama or Panamanian Consulate in your nation of habitation.
·         Step 2: Fill up the visa application shape. Round out the subtle elements required in the application frame painstakingly. Remember to put your mark on your finished application frame.
·         Step 3: Gather the required reports for visa application.  Make a check rundown of the reports that you have to submit alongside your application frame. Accumulate every one of the archives and keep them prepared for accommodation.
·         Step 4: Provide photo for your visa application. Give your late shading photo to the visa application. Ensure that your photo matches or compares to every one of the particulars required for visa photos. You should submit two duplicates of your visa photo alongside your application frame.
·         Step 5: Check the visa application expense. Check the expenses required for your visa application. Keep the expense prepared for accommodation alongside your application shape. Keep in mind to check the method of installment acknowledged for the visa application by the Panamanian Consulate situated in your nation of home.
·         Step 6: Submit your visa application shape.
·         Step 7: Pay the fees
·         Step 8: Collect your visa. After your visa is issued gather it on time.

Required Fees for Panama Tourist Visa
Charges for Authorized Visa – USD 100
Charges for Visa Stamp – USD 85

Charges for Tourist Card – USD 15 

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