Visa Information about Haiti


Haiti is using French and Haitian Creole and currency Gourde (G). About Visa, Just nationals of the accompanying nations require a visa to enter Haiti, in the event that they don't have in their legitimate six-month travel permit a substantial U.S., Canadian or Schengen visa:
  1. Colombia
  2. Panama
  3. Dominican Republic

People requiring an international ID must apply for a visa no less than one (1) month before their date of flight and give the accompanying supporting records:
  1. Properly finished and marked Application Form;
  2. Two (2) identification estimated shading photographs;
  3. Letter clarifying the reason and length of stay, and in addition giving references in Haiti;
  4. Name, address, and phone number of the lodging or inns where the candidate will stay; or then again, the name, address, and phone number of the companion or companions with whom the candidate will remain;
  5. Photocopy of substantial international ID;
  6. Photocopy of round-outing booking affirmation or ticket; and
  7. Letter from the candidate's present manager.

The expense for a guest or traveler visa is US $25.00. This kind of visa is substantial for three (3) months with one and only passage into the nation. The charge must be paid with a cash arrange, affirmed check or clerk's look at made to the Embassy of Haiti.
Prerequisites for Nationals Not Requiring a Visa
Nationals of all different nations ought to just submit to Haitian movement their travel permit, which ought to be legitimate for no less than six (6) months. All Foreign visa holders going to Haiti must pay a vacationer charge set at $10.00 at the airplane terminal.
Political and official visas
Discretionary and official visas are issued on strategic or authority identifications and on United Nations Laissez-Passer, at the demand of the foundation for which the candidate works. The accompanying reports are required for the issuance of the visa:
  1. Letter from the establishment
  2. Substantial travel permit
  3. Two (2) travel permit measured shading photographs
  4. Outsider or living arrangement visas

Outsider or living arrangement visas presents the privilege to lasting living arrangement in Haiti without partiality to extradition. The application shape for a migrant visa must be submitted in three (3) duplicates and incorporate the accompanying data:
  1. The name(s) of the candidate;
  2. The date and place of birth;
  3. Candidate's present nationality and nationality of birthplace;
  4. His or her present calling or occupation, and in the previous ten (10) years;
  5. Candidate's present address;
  6. The name(s), current nationality and nationality of birthplace of candidate's dad and mom;
  7. On the off chance that the individual is hitched, name(s), occupation and nationality of the companion before marriage;
  8. The reasons why the candidate needs to go to Haiti and the length of remain in Haiti;
  9. Candidate's confirmation of pay and bank explanations;
  10. Candidate's confirmations or endorsements of specialized learning alongside a business contract;
  11. Data on the general population in Haiti whom the candidate knows and for to what extent, furthermore the relationship to which the candidate is or was a gathering; and
  12. Likewise give whatever other valuable data. 

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