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As a rule, visas are not required for flying out to Grenada. Canadian and American residents don't oblige visas to visit Grenada gave they are in control of the accompanying:  Evidence of Citizenship, Return ticket or tickets to a forward goal.
Most nationals of Commonwealth nations are correspondingly visa absolved gave they are in control of the accompanying: Legitimate Passport, Return ticket or tickets to a forward goal, The "Visa Exempt" conditions additionally apply to residents of a few different nations. Nationals of all different nations ought to contact this office for additional data.
Guests may remain in the nation for periods up to three (3) months. Non-Grenadians wishing to work in Grenada should first acquire a work allow from the Ministry of Labor, St. George's, Grenada. Non-Grenadians wishing to buy arrive in Grenada are required to apply to the Government for an Aliens Land Holding Permit.
A substantial identification or affirmed travel record must be submitted with each VISA Application shape. For the candidate's own assurance, reports ought to be put together by Registered Mail unless conveyed face to face. This country is using the English language and currency East Caribbean Dollar (EC $).
The charge for a Visitor's Visa is US$100.00 (single section) or US$250.00 (different passages). Expenses must be transmitted with Money Order or Certified Check. Where application is presented via mail, an extra CAD$7.00 must be incorporated to take care of the expense of return by Registered Mail.
Application for a VISA ought to be made no less than three (3) clear weeks before the expected date of flight. In the event that it is important to allude the application to Immigration dominant presences in Grenada, a more extended period will be required for handling.
Holders of Visitor's Visas may not take up business in Grenada unless approved to do as such by the neighborhood Ministry of Labor. Application shapes must be joined by your present international ID and two (2) identification measure photos of the candidate.

If you want to download the VISA Application FORM, please visit this lik

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