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Cuba officially called the Republic of Cuba (Spanish: República de Cuba) is a sovereign state which consists of the island of Cuba, and the Isla de la Juventud and several smaller islands. Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean, and the second-most crowded after Hispaniola, with more than 11 million occupants. Cuba uses the Spanish language and currency Cuban Peso ($ MN) and Cuba convertible peso (CUC $).
When you want to visit Cuba, you must have a passport and tourist visa for you and your children (you can get this visa at the travel agency where you book a ticket).
Here you will find what you need to know to get a visa to Cuba. Visitors at first to get a four week stay in Cuba with Tarjeta de Turista (tourist card) issued by the airline or a travel agent. US visitors an unauthorized purchase their travel cards on the table and the airline in a country where they go to Cuba (US $ 25); they welcomed in countries like the other tourists. You can not leave Cuba without showing your travel card (replacement costs CUC $ 25).
Classified stuffing 'address in Cuba "must be filled with the hotel or casa particular law, just to avoid unnecessary questions. Businessmen and journalists need a visa. Applications must be made through the consulate at least three weeks in advance, longer is better.
To obtain an extension is quite easy: go to the immigration office and provide your documents and CUC $ 25 in stamps (available at a local bank). You will receive an additional four weeks, and after that you'll need to leave Cuba and re-enter again if you need to stay longer. Attendance for the extension at least a few days before your visa will expire.
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