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Barbados is an island nation located on the border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Summarizing one of the cluster of islands of the Lesser Antilles, Barbados is located in the eastern part of the cluster.
Barbados distinguished by its tourism industry and is known as Little England or 'Small British' Caribbean islands. This is because a strong English influence on the island. Barbados Island is located 2,585 km southeast Miami, United States and 860 km from Caracas, Venezuela. Barbados official language is English, and the currency is the Barbados dollar (Bds $).
For those who want to visit Barbados, it is better to prepare the necessary documents. One of them is the visa documents. Here we will describe what needs to be prepared when applying for visas to Barbados.
Visa Requirement Information
A man, who is covetous of setting out to Barbados and requires a visa, ought to first present an application for preparing and be conceded consent to go to Barbados PRIOR to booking and affirmation of travel.
Data/Instructions on getting an Entry Visa; Document to be submitted:
Application(s) form(s) finished IN FULL and SIGNED. (ONE APPLICATION FORM PER APPLICANT)
  1. One (1) international ID measure photo
  2.  Copies of external cover and biometric page of the identification
  3. Birth Certificate; Marriage Certificate (if any)
  4. Cover letter tended to 'Boss Immigration Officer' bearing an arrival address, telephone number, fax number and email address sketching out the reason for visit, the proposed date of section and the span of visit.
  5. Copy of arrangement letter (for people going to US or UK Embassies)
  6. An work letter; Letter from school, school or college.
  7. For people living in a nation other than his/her place of birth, verification of status in the receptive nation as Work Permit, Student Visa or Residence Permit must be replicated and submitted.
  8. Banker's draft tended to Chief Immigration Officer appropriately marked and dated: Single Entry - US$104.00 (Permission to make one (1) passage inside a three-month time span);      Multiple Entry - US$208.00. (Consent to make various sections inside a six-month time frame.)
  9. Non English lenguage Documents must be must be guaranteed duplicate of the english interpretation.
  10. Documents with charges might be sent to Barbados Immigration office.

Preparing PERIOD IS THREE (3) WEEKS. Upgrades are NOT given on the procedure of utilizations. On the off chance that a blame is found with the archives when they are gotten the candidate will be quickly reached by the office to amend the same.
If it's not too much trouble plan your US/UK visa arrangements outside of the three (3) weeks time span.
Instructions to Apply for a Visa
Application administrations for Nonimmigrant visa (temporary) will be given to visa candidates by our approved accomplice.  To find out about the visa application prepare, pay the visa application expense on the web, and timetable an arrangement, please visit the visa application site (
Issuance of Visas
No affirmation with respect to the issuance of visas can be given ahead of time. Last venture arranges or the buy of non-refundable air tickets ought not be made until you have physically gotten your international ID containing the visa.
Same day visa administration is not accessible. All candidates whose visas have been affirmed will have their international IDs came back to them by means of dispatch administration. For additional data, see Visa Appointment and Processing Wait Times. For direction with respect to booking an assisted/crisis arrangement, generously visit our Emergencies/Urgent Business page.
While each exertion has been made to guarantee the quality and exactness of the visa data contained in this site, all substance is liable to change without notice. The Embassy makes no guarantee, express or suggested concerning the data gave.

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