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Antigua and Barbuda is an island country situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea. Antigua and Barbuda uses English as its official language, and use the East Caribbean Dollar (EC$).
Before entering this country you need to apply for a visa, the following we will explain the requirements for applying for a visa. Documentation required while applying on the web for an Evisa:
  1. Bio Page of a substantial visa or travel report with legitimate travel or reentry allow for any nation for which you might be ticketed. (If it's not too much trouble note, identifications must be substantial for at least 6 months from the date of entry in Antigua and Barbuda.)
  2. A late shading visa photo (45mm x 35mm); all photographs are to be on a while back ground just, and not adjusted or altered from it's unique state.
  3. Evidence of proposed trip into and out of Antigua and Barbuda i.e. ticket or affirmation of your booking from the travel specialist.
  4. Proof of settlement for the length of your stay or a letter of welcome from your support. Understudies, must give the acknowledgment letter from your school, and the points of interest of where they will stay amid their studies. People heading out on business are to give a letter from your boss expressing the reason for your outing.
  5.  Proof of assets to back the trek i.e. bank articulations for the past two months.
  6.  A late police record. (Attentiveness might be taken by the visa-issuing office.)
  7. Birth endorsement.
  8. Immigration status in visa or residency allow. ( i,e Any other nation, as well as the condition of Antigua and Barbuda.)

Please visit for more detail about visa aplication
Applying Visa
Antigua and Barbuda department of immigration Evisa application instructions
  •  Begins with PC and working web, go to
  • Two approaches to get to the eVisa application: on the landing page, look down to the Visa logo, halfway on the page and tap on "Visas" OR at the base of the landing page under "Visa Services" tap on Electronic Visa Process.
  • Candidate must be in control of either a Master Card Mastercard or SugaPay card, before initiating the application procedure. N.B. The previously mentioned are just being acknowledged by the installment entrance for the present.
  • Candidate initiates the application procedure by tapping on the tab "Apply Now".
  • All data MUST be filled in and important archives transferred.
  • Reports MUST be legally approved.

Documents to be submitted by candidate (Must be JPEG record augmentations 512kb max measure):
1.       Checked duplicate of the bio page of candidate's travel permit
2.       Transferred photograph of candidate.
3.       Candidate's money related explanation (bank) throughout the previous two months.
4.       Candidate's Birth Certificate
5.       Candidate's Job Letter
6.       School Letter (If the candidate is an understudy). Candidates who are acknowledged to go to an Educational Institute in Antigua and Barbuda must give the acknowledgment letter.
7.       Candidate's marriage testament – if supported by a companion
8.       Authorized Letter of Invitation (if welcomed by somebody living in Antigua and Barbuda)
9.       Identification bio page of the support who is living in Antigua and Barbuda
10.   Evidence of address or place of convenience in Antigua and Barbuda
11.   Affirmation of return ticket and/or schedule.
12.   Parental assent for kids under eighteen (18) years and substantial photograph distinguishing proof of guardians.
13.   Evidence of Antiguan Residency might be required and can be one of the accompanying
a.       Resident Permit
b.      Valid Work Permit
c.       Valid Student Permit
d.      Business Registration
14.   Late Police Certificate of Character (Police Record)
Visa fees:
      Single Entry               $50.00 (for a solitary visit inside three months of date of issue)

      Various Entry            $75.00 (for two visits inside six months of date of issue)

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