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If we talk about the Bahamas, it is envisaged is one of the island nation in the world that has more than 700 islands. The main holiday destinations among the jet set and Hollywood star, offers beautiful weather, interesting traditions, and way of life of his people unique. For the fans of adventure travel, it is not difficult to do a lot of interesting and challenging activities in the Bahamas. Bahamas using the English language and currency Bahamian dollar (BSD) as its official language and currency
The region has a number of sites and attractions of interest in the area of Andros Island, Port Lucaya Marketplace, Bahamas Traditional Music or roam Paradise Island Aquaventure Water Park. In short, this island is a haven for tourists who want to enjoy a pleasant relaxation.
however, one of the conditions so that we can take a vacation to the Bahamas is the visa documents. Below will be explained the terms and what things need to be prepared to apply for visas in Bahamas.
Nonnatives wishing to go to The Bahamas for excursion and/or for business may require to visa for passage into the nation. Make sure to check the Visa Requirements for Foreign Visitors to The Bahamas to decide the visa necessities for your nation.
Any nonnative wishing to go to The Bahamas.

  1.  Application shape should be finished in BLOCK letters (e.g. DOE, JOHN) and in dark or blue ink as it were.
  2. Submit the finished Bahamian Visa Application shape alongside supporting documentation.
  3. All candidates must show up face to face at the closest Bahamas Consulate or Embassy. See for address and contact data of Bahamas Missions.
  4. Bahamian local people who wish to support a nonnative to visit with them in The Bahamas must apply for a Bahamian visa very close at the Bahamas Consular Division, Nassau, The Bahamas.
Supporting Documents
Contact the closest Bahamas Consulate or Embassy for required supporting records to be submitted with application shape supporting archives fluctuate from Mission to Mission.

  1. Valid Passport - All visa candidates must be in control of a legitimate international ID, with over 6 months remaining, and an arrival ticket.
  2. visa photographs on white foundation
  3.  A work letter/business permit
  4. An unique bank reference letter/proclamation
  5. Police report
  6. Hotel/Cruise agenda
  7. Flight agenda/ticket duplicate
  8. Copy of gathering/welcome letter
  9. Copies of beforehand held visas
  10. Copy of Children's Birth Certificate to demonstrate parental relations
  11. Copy of a substantial work allow (for Companies applying for a nonnative to take up business in The Bahamas)
  12. All outside marriage, birth, and passing testament submitted in support of a visa application must be legitimized/Apostilled in the nation of birthplace before accommodation
  13. Valid US visa (for Foreigners who wish to visit The Bahamas through voyage send from the USA)
Pivot time
The Visa is typically handled in two weeks.
Due date
Visa applications ought to be submitted no less than two weeks before travel. Candidates applying for a visa at a British Embassy must present the application no less than four weeks before travel.
Related Fee(s)
The accompanying charges apply for visas acquired at The Bahamas' Embassies and Consulates. Costs may change for Bahamian visas got at the British Embassies. The fee is BSD 110 for visa non biometric data for 3 months

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