47 thoughts on “200131 IDOL Reaction to Super Junior 2YA2YAO! @29th SMA ~ by무명 – 아시아 네트워크 미디어 #SUPERJUNIOR

  1. Please don't judge them for not reacting the way you expected. I was happy to see them put their full attention on the performance instead of just ignore. They might actually stream the song after get back home huhu also after the award show, nct dream had a vlive and jeno mentioned to give love to super junior's new album and chenle keep saying shindong is cool and the members agreed. If nct dream would do that, i bet the other groups would atleast check out the new song.

  2. What 😱😱…no reaction at all ??!! … anyways SJ always the best K-Pop idol… 15th their still strongger… its ok if they didn't give reaction… but SJ proof that their deserve to be the KING 😍💋

  3. Generation 3 and generation 4 have no reaction, even though the previous one was a kpop legend! Do you guys pretend you don't know who they are ?? This is why I really hate current generation idols !!!

  4. You all need to grow up. I feel like half of the kpop fans are dumb or either doesn’t wanna admit.
    NOT EVERY IDOL HAVE TO REACT. After all those dumb and terrible scandals have happened, so many deaths of actresses and actors and others. How you gonna expect them to react and be joyful? Like why you acting like this? Please be more understanding cause Earth is lacking understandable people.

    Some may not even know the song as it was released recently before the awards show was even attended by others. You can’t expect everyone to be a fan of everything just cause they’re idols, they’re humans too. Face reality, and kiss everyone’s asses for all I care you all need to grow up. And so do I.

    Others are tired, last time some idols were really tired and fainted and you all expect them to react after over 10 or more minutes of live performance, all those body movements and singing. You all aren’t them performing or singing while dancing, you don’t experience their hard life as an idol.

    And for those saying 3rd and 4th generation kpop idols suck, shame on you. I wasn’t trying to be rude and ignore it all but I want you all to know not everyone has to react, some may be holding it in because of what people will think ESPECIALLY Antis and Netizens. Just because they, the idols despite 1st or 2nd or 3rd or 4th generation, don’t react don’t mean they suck.

    It’s so sad how people don’t use their brain.

    I’m very sorry for being rude in your perspective. And I don’t regret writing this all when I could’ve enjoyed this performance of Super Junior, my first group I met in Kpop. But you all shaming other kpop idols when they’re observing and watching Suju’s movements is stupid. It’s sad some of you are the reasons why your “favorite” and others “favorites” end up leaving or ending it all.

    I’m sad for the how the Society has become. Sure we can all agree the first years of kpop was amazing but can we just like not shame others? It’s hella disrespectful and you calling them, the new idols, disrespectful.

    From other reactions, I’ve seen Suju and some other groups NOT react to others and it’s completely okay. Because maybe they’re just observing cause they’ve never seen them or their performance. Leave them all alone.

    😑You all make Kpop toxic. But then again what can we do when the world is half toxic and half beautiful?


  5. What's wrong with new groups? I remembered that back then groups would dance to other groups songs and they were happy seeing other groups performing.

  6. Hell even EXO doesn't give a fuck about them so why would you even expect artists from other companies to show any reaction? Plus I think Kpop is shifting to American style and these songs which senior idols make are really not streaming and getting famous coz the craze is to fucking autotune everything and put TYGA beats in it. I think it's the best time to leave Kpop coz everything seems to be a xerox and d*** sucking of American pop. Aside from Hangul, current songs are almost indistinguishable from American pop which Kpop is so fixated on. Man artists like BB Vixx Shinee B2st TVXQ were gifts to us foreigner fans. Their songs actually sounded different from the shitty American pop songs going around at that time which actually earned these new idols the audience they have be it in Japan or America. Now it's namesake. Just namesake. No artistry. Nothing. Just like a flagship.

    But everyone to their own. I think that music is all about good looking girls and guys now everywhere. It's sad but lyricism and good music is dying. Don't know why but it is. I hope that musicians and artist who belive in music never get discouraged.

  7. Love how captive TWICE was. So many things must have been going through their minds while watching this. Lots of ONCEs are male and about the same age as the members of Super Junior. As performers I'm think TWICE was also observing their choreography, its difficulty level and as Kpop idols that are a bit older, how well they performed it. And you know TWICE would love to eventually have the same type of staying power of Super Junior.

  8. I really miss Gen2, they had good reaction when artists perfomed in stages. This is why I don't like and support gen 3 4. It's so bored. When they perfomed, SJ have a good reaction but… see… how can they did?

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