Visa Information about Honduras

On the off chance that you are flying out to Honduras as a visitor, you will require a legitimate international ID, however no visa in the event that you are a national of the United States. In case you're making a trip to Honduras via auto, you should indicate reports for the auto and also a legitimate driver's permit. You will get a 30-day dissemination allow that you can reach out for up to six months.
Honduras does not require any vaccinations. In any case, U.S. general wellbeing divisions typically suggest a lockjaw sponsor (useful for a long time), Hepatitis An and B shot, and typhoid shot. For the Bay Islands, the CDC prompts you take an antimalarial medication, which you would regularly start taking before you leave and keep taking for a few weeks after you return home. The individuals who move to the islands for all time don't take against malarial medications, nonetheless, and the event of the ailment is very low. Being a tropical range, the CDC naturally prescribes that you fail in favor of alert for travel. Call your neighborhood general wellbeing division for points of interest.
Getting Your Retirement Residency Card
Before taking off to look for your retirement heaven in Honduras, you should assemble the best possible printed material and make a beeline for your closest Honduran office. Living arrangement licenses are prepared by the secretary of equityin Tegucigalpa, so it is important to make the application through a neighborhood Honduran lawyer. All living arrangement sorts take a normal of six to nine months to prepare completely, yet you may enter the nation as a vacationer and start your application procedure while in Honduras. You don't need to be an inhabitant to buy property in Honduras, the length of it is under 0.72 sections of land. In the event that you wish to buy a bigger property, or to buy more than one property, you will need to acquire living arrangement preceding being permitted to proceed.
To apply for habitation, you will require the accompanying:
  1. Your international ID, legitimate for no less than one year from the date of your application.
  2. Your police record, indicating you are on favorable terms with the law.
  3. A wellbeing declaration (you may likewise get this endorsement in Honduras).
  4. One photo of the candidate, estimate 6 cm by 6 cm.
  5. Archives identified with the kind of residency considered in the application.
  6. Different reports that are to be acquired in Honduras, e.g., transient records.

Honduras has marked the tradition that requires the utilization of an apostille to give legitimate esteem to reports issued in outside nations. In the event that the candidate's nation of starting point is not part of that settlement, then the record will be verified through a Honduran department.
The sorts of home allows that can be gotten in Honduras are:
  • RENTIST: The candidate must have a wage of in any event $2,500 every month.
  • RETIRED: The candidate must have a lifetime advantage of in any event $1,500 every month originating from a private or government foundation.
  • INVESTOR: The candidate must demonstrate that his business or venture is or will be spoken to by a speculation of at any rate $50,000.
  • RELATIVE: The candidate must be a relative of a Honduran national. 

Visa Information about Jamaica

Prerequisites For Entry Into Jamaica
All guests are required to be in control of a national identification or other satisfactory travel archive building up nationality and personality, and bearing a photo. The international ID or other travel archive must be substantial for the time of proposed remain in the island. Guests are additionally required to show confirmation of adequate assets to bolster themselves amid their stay and be in control of an arrival or round outing ticket to another nation to which they are allowable.
Nationals of specific nations require, notwithstanding travel reports, a section visa. This is typically issued, on application, by a Jamaican Consular office. The choice in regard of affirmation and length of remain in the nation rests with the Immigration Officer at the port of passage in Jamaica. This applies regardless of whether a visa is an essential for passage.
General Conditions for Admission:
  1. Ought to be in control of a substantial visa unless exempted from this prerequisite under any of the endorsed directions.
  2. Must be in a position to bolster himself/herself and going with wards for the span of remain;
  3. Ought not be of unsound personality;
  4. Ought not be the subject of an endorsement submitted to the Immigration Officer by a wellbeing officer showing that for restorative reasons, consent to land is not alluring;
  5. Ought not have been sentenced in an outside nation for any extraditable wrongdoing inside the importance of the Extradition Acts 1870 and 1906;
  6. Ought not be the subject of an expulsion arrange in constrain under the Aliens Law, Chapter 9;
  7. Ought not be the subject of an arrival denial arrange from the Minister of National Security;

Vacationer (Tourist) VISA
  1. Legitimate identification (Passport)
  2. One identification estimate photo
  3. Finished Visa Application Form J (mark is required)
  4. Legitimate return visa to the United States
  5. Flight schedule (Round outing ticket)
  6. Visa charge payable

Passage VISA (Student)
  1. Substantial international ID
  2. One travel permit estimate photo
  3. Finished visa application shape J (mark is required)
  4. Substantial return visa to the United States (if pertinent)
  5. Flight agenda (Round outing ticket)
  6. Letter from instructive foundation showing reason and length of remain in Jamaica
  7. Therapeutic endorsement demonstrating that the candidate is free from infectious or transferable maladies
  8. Visa expense payable

Section VISA (Work)
  1. Legitimate international ID
  2. One international ID estimate photo
  3. Finished visa application frame J (mark is required)
  4. Legitimate return visa to the United States (if material)
  5. Letter from Ministry of Labor, Jamaica endorsing work allow or conceding exclusion from the work allow necessity
  6. Visa charge payable

Section VISA (Spouse of Jamaican National)
  1. Legitimate international ID
  2. One international ID estimate photo
  3. Finished visa application frame J (mark is required)
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. Mate's introduction to the world testament and ensured duplicate of life partner's Jamaican Passport
  6. Visa charge payable

Passage VISA (Permanent Residency)
  1. Substantial international ID
  2. One visa estimate photo
  3. Finished visa application frame J (mark is required)
  4. Passport
  5. Guaranteed duplicate of companion's introduction to the world authentication and Jamaican Passport
  6. Visa charge payable

Visa Information about Haiti

Haiti is using French and Haitian Creole and currency Gourde (G). About Visa, Just nationals of the accompanying nations require a visa to enter Haiti, in the event that they don't have in their legitimate six-month travel permit a substantial U.S., Canadian or Schengen visa:
  1. Colombia
  2. Panama
  3. Dominican Republic

People requiring an international ID must apply for a visa no less than one (1) month before their date of flight and give the accompanying supporting records:
  1. Properly finished and marked Application Form;
  2. Two (2) identification estimated shading photographs;
  3. Letter clarifying the reason and length of stay, and in addition giving references in Haiti;
  4. Name, address, and phone number of the lodging or inns where the candidate will stay; or then again, the name, address, and phone number of the companion or companions with whom the candidate will remain;
  5. Photocopy of substantial international ID;
  6. Photocopy of round-outing booking affirmation or ticket; and
  7. Letter from the candidate's present manager.

The expense for a guest or traveler visa is US $25.00. This kind of visa is substantial for three (3) months with one and only passage into the nation. The charge must be paid with a cash arrange, affirmed check or clerk's look at made to the Embassy of Haiti.
Prerequisites for Nationals Not Requiring a Visa
Nationals of all different nations ought to just submit to Haitian movement their travel permit, which ought to be legitimate for no less than six (6) months. All Foreign visa holders going to Haiti must pay a vacationer charge set at $10.00 at the airplane terminal.
Political and official visas
Discretionary and official visas are issued on strategic or authority identifications and on United Nations Laissez-Passer, at the demand of the foundation for which the candidate works. The accompanying reports are required for the issuance of the visa:
  1. Letter from the establishment
  2. Substantial travel permit
  3. Two (2) travel permit measured shading photographs
  4. Outsider or living arrangement visas

Outsider or living arrangement visas presents the privilege to lasting living arrangement in Haiti without partiality to extradition. The application shape for a migrant visa must be submitted in three (3) duplicates and incorporate the accompanying data:
  1. The name(s) of the candidate;
  2. The date and place of birth;
  3. Candidate's present nationality and nationality of birthplace;
  4. His or her present calling or occupation, and in the previous ten (10) years;
  5. Candidate's present address;
  6. The name(s), current nationality and nationality of birthplace of candidate's dad and mom;
  7. On the off chance that the individual is hitched, name(s), occupation and nationality of the companion before marriage;
  8. The reasons why the candidate needs to go to Haiti and the length of remain in Haiti;
  9. Candidate's confirmation of pay and bank explanations;
  10. Candidate's confirmations or endorsements of specialized learning alongside a business contract;
  11. Data on the general population in Haiti whom the candidate knows and for to what extent, furthermore the relationship to which the candidate is or was a gathering; and
  12. Likewise give whatever other valuable data. 

Visa Information about Guatemala

Visa is not required for national from nations having a place with Schengen. You can remain in the nation for 90 days (one just expansion workable for an additional 90 days applying at the Immigration Department, which must be done before the initial 90 days terminates). Guatemala is using Spanish Lenguage and Quetzal (Q) as national currency.
It is up to the obligation of the voyager itself to regard and take after the said rules. Take note: the travel permit (Passport) must be legitimate for six months after you leave the nation and upon demand have the capacity to present confirmation to demonstrate that the voyager has adequate assets to take care of the expenses amid the stay in Guatemala. Entering without a visa does not consequently qualifies the holder for enter Guatemala. A choice is made each time the explorer goes through a fringe control, as voyagers must have verification of adequate assets to bolster themselves for the span of their stay and for their arrival.
VISA requiered
Prerequisites for acquiring a traveler visa With your application, you should encase:
  1. a substantial visa (six months least legitimacy in the wake of leaving the nation)
  2. duplicate of the travel permit
  3. one photograph travel permit measure
  4. Credit Card or letter from your Bank or Travel
  5. affirmation of business (clarifying your position and your yearly pay)
  6. reservation of round-excursion ticket to Guatemala
  7. welcome letter or different records which the consulate may require Guarantee your Application frame is finished.

To empower the powers to prepare your application, you should plainly state:
  1. why are you going to Guatemala
  2. to what extent you plan to remain in Guatemala
  3. in what manner will you bolster yourself amid your time in Guatemala
  4. sort of identification you hold and for to what extent it is substantial
  5. where do you plan to travel taking after your visit to Guatemala
  6. in the event that you have an allow to enter the nation you expect to go to after your stay in Guatemala

All visas should be gotten out by the prevailing voices in Guatemala. To issue the visa, the Embassy needs to sit tight for the approval from Guatemala which can take from three to four weeks.
Take note of: A section visa (90 days) does not consequently qualifies the holder for enter Guatemala.
Business Visa
  1. Valid travel permit (Passport).
  2. Duplicate of the travel permit.
  3. Late photograph.
  4. Filled application shape.
  5. Global Mastercard, A letter from your Bank or Travel Checks (in your name)
  6. Work letter clarifying your position and your yearly compensation.
  7. Reservation of round trek ticket (and the visa of any nation you travel from).
  8. Welcome letter.
  9. Business Registration of organization.
  10. Sanctioned photocopy of the travel permit.
  11. Visa expenses: US$ 50. Time of legitimacy is 180 days (one just augmentation feasible for an additional 180 days applying at the Immigration Department, which must be done before the initial 180 days terminates)

Brief (temporary) Residence
In case you know ahead of time that you will stay for a more augmented period, you ought to apply in Guatemala at the Immigration Department before the 90 days slips for a Visa Temporal (Temporary Residence). Necessities for getting a Temporary Visa:
  1. A late photograph
  2. Birth Certificate* (from Skatteverket)
  3. Travel permit and a photocopy of the visa appropriately authorized by a public accountant in Guatemala (or in Sweden*)
  4. Accreditation of the legitimacy of the travel permit issued by the Swedish Embassy/Consulate in Guatemala
  5. Separate issued by the National Police Board in the nation (nations) you have lived amid the previous five years.
  6. Confirmation of monetary dissolvability of your Guatemalan certification

Work Permit
Your organization/association in Guatemala will make the vital courses of action to apply for a transitory occupant or lasting work allow and they will bear on the visa system. With the application you should encase see the necessities for "Prerequisites for getting a Temporary Visa"